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Royal Treatment Dog Boarding

Hurd's Hound Haven is a Royal Treatment Dog Boarding Resort and Grooming Spa in Central Iowa. The Haven has been a local hangout for the dogs of Ames and surrounding communities since 1999. Our entire family has enjoyed caring for your wonderful canine friends. In February of 2006, after a fire destroyed our original kennel, we built a "perfect" new kennel. We are now proud to offer your "Hounds" luxury accommodations with a home like atmosphere . We are the "Ritz for Roover" :)

Winter Hours Monday- Saturday 7-9 AM, 6-7 PM (or by Special Appointment)
Sunday 6-7 PM


Canine Carriage and Doggie Day Care

Canine CarrigeAmes’ only luxury spa and sport dog resort with free pick up and delivery service in our all new Canine Carriage. Our canine specialists entertain your pet with swims, lakeside walks and playtime in our spacious outdoor arena ; providing customized care and playtime as you wish. Our free limo service alleviates added stress in your life. Let us be the care specialists that provide fitness , recreation and spa services for your canine companion. Giving your dog the Best with no added stress!!


Rates for Spa and Sport Day Care: All rates include free drop off and delivery

Day Care

Pick -up
and Drop Off

1 Day

5 Days

10 Days

30 Days

Ducks Pond
1 Dog $20.00 $95.00 $180.00 $510.00

Swimming is only available
when weather allows
Discounts applied to multiple pets
Spa services customized and priced individually.


Add sport to your spa day for an overall pleasurable experience for your dog.

Play Area and Swimming

We now offer extended play time for dogs who need more special attention and care. Play times are with some of the many kids in the family or one of our other young energetic canine specialists. Or if you dog is older they can be brought for a nice long walk about the farm to see all the fun animals and smells of a farm. Also now during the warm months we offer swimming in our spring fed pond for the hunting and water dogs who love to splash in to a lot of fun. But they might have to share will the locals some of the farm ducks and geese.

Dogs in Pond Franz playing with a dog


Walk, Play and Swim: Add to Your Dogs stay
Activity Walk Play




Ducks Pond
1 Dog 15 Mins $5.00 $5.00 $15.00

Swimming is only available
when weather allows


1 Dog 30 Mins $10.00 $10.00 $30.00


Our Suites:
Arranged in separate quarters of 7-12 suites, we have Large (16sq ft.) and extra Large (20 sq. Ft.) accommodations all sporting heated floors, sani-kennel dividers with an abundance of natural light maintaining an open spacious feeling. Our Luxury quarters boast of rest benches, plush beds, piped in XM Radio and large outside exercise areas. We are an all inclusive resort as we provide meals, bedding and dish ware for all guests. Included is a pillow snack each evening. We will serve any specialty foods and snacks upon your request as you provide.

dog kennels dog kennel

Boarding Rates:
Run Type


1 Dog


2 Dogs in

same run


1 Dog


2 Dogs in

same run

Joey and Winnie
Deluxe Large 16 sq. ft. $16.00 $30.00 $18.00 $34.00

Luxury Suite

Warm Spa Bathe with 4 day stay

Raised rest benches

Plush bedding

Extra large out door runs

Quiet exclusive location

Additional play time

Free chew toy

Home Pick up Drop Off $10.00

Extra-Large 20 sq.ft.
$18.00 $34.00 $20.00 $38.00
Luxury suite-
Large 16 sq.ft.
$24.00 $42.00 $26.00 $50.00
Luxury suite-
Extra large 20 sq.ft.
$26.00 $50.00 $28.00 $54.00
Large runs are 4X4 = 16 square feet X-Large, 4X5 = 20 square feet
Holiday Dates: All Iowa State Breaks and Holidays

Rates Work Like Hotel:
Charges apply to Check in day through AM check out. Evening check out will add additional day charge.