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WHO LETS THE DOGS OUT? We do! From Hendrik, the master dog refreshment server, to Susan the head honcho, we all have a hand in the care and loving of your special canine companions. Our groomers include Britta, in our home Salon and Dillon and Kaleigh, in our Mobile Salon. Founder, Anders , now provides off site support and consultation with his wife Lindsay from their home in Northern Virginia. Expert dog exercise therapists include Franz, Garek and Hendrik, you will frequently see them on country romps with happy, tail wagging companions in hand. Colin contributes his business savy and design skills to our marketing strategies, he's the proud owner of Joey. Evan is responsible for the maintenance of our lovely grounds as an extension of his mowing and snow removal company and the proud owner of Winnie. Our philosophy, ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE, supports our team.We could not do it without each other and our wonderful staff!





Office Manager, 4 years of service



Kennel Worker, 1 year of service.



Kennel Worker, 3 years of service.



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